ZAGG Glass Elite Edge RPF30 VisionGuard AM Tempered Glass For IPhone 15 series - Clear

Size: iPhone 15
Sale priceRM109.00


Introducing Glass Elite Edge VisionGuard – your screen's guardian angel. With 5X shatter protection and Eyesafe technology filtering toxic blue light, it's a fortress for both safety and comfort. Experience full-screen coverage, smudge-free clarity, and anti-microbial peace of mind. Applying it is a breeze with EZ Apply® tabs and anti-static wizardry. Elevate your screen's protection and keep your eyes in the safe zone.

5X Shatter Protection

Glass Elite Edge VisionGuard is 5X more protective than an unprotected screen.

Protective Eyesafe Layer

Eyesafe technology filters 60% of peak toxic blue light at 435-440mm, protecting from the effects of over exposure to high-energy blue light.

Full screen Coverage

Maximized case friendly coverage for full screen protection.


A smudge-free coating protects from fingerprints and makes wiping dirt away simple.

Anti-Microbial Technology

Glass Elite Edge VisionGuard contains anti-microbial properties that protect the screen protector by protecting against degradation from microorganisms.3

EZ Apply® Installation

EZ Apply® tabs and a drop-in installation tray make applying your Glass Elite Edge VisionGuard easily and accurately.


The anti-static solution prevents dust from the air from being absorbed onto the adhesive side of the glass, ensuring a smoother installation process.


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