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Alpaka Nano Blade - OribagsAlpaka Nano Blade - Oribags
Alpaka Nano Blade
Sale priceRM99.00
Holme & Hadfield The Sidekick - WalnutHolme & Hadfield The Sidekick - Walnut
Holme & Hadfield The Armory - CherryHolme & Hadfield The Armory - Cherry
Alpaka Nano Ink - OribagsAlpaka Nano Ink - Oribags
Alpaka Nano Ink
Sale priceRM99.00
Save 10%
Ruike P155-W Folding Knives - Oribags.comRuike P155-W Folding Knives -
Ruike P155-W Folding Knives
Sale priceRM242.10 Regular priceRM269.00
Save 10%
Gerber Paralite Fine Edge Champagne - Oribags.comGerber Paralite Fine Edge Champagne -
Gerber Paralite Fine Edge Champagne
Sale priceRM179.10 Regular priceRM199.00
Holme & Hadfield The Combo Deck Pro - WalnutHolme & Hadfield The Combo Deck Pro - Walnut
Holme & Hadfield The Curator Pro - BlackHolme & Hadfield The Curator Pro - Black
Holme & Hadfield The Knife Deck - CherryHolme & Hadfield The Knife Deck - Cherry
Leatherman Curl - OribagsLeatherman Curl - Oribags
Leatherman Curl
Sale priceRM829.00
Leatherman Wave + - OribagsLeatherman Wave + - Oribags
Leatherman Wave +
Sale priceRM989.00
Leatherman Wingman - OribagsLeatherman Wingman - Oribags
Leatherman Wingman
Sale priceRM649.00
Leatherman Charge + - OribagsLeatherman Charge + - Oribags
Leatherman Charge +
Sale priceRM1,399.00
Leatherman Raptor Rescue - OribagsLeatherman Raptor Rescue - Oribags
Leatherman Rev - OribagsLeatherman Rev - Oribags
Leatherman Rev
Sale priceRM469.00
Leatherman Rebar - OribagsLeatherman Rebar - Oribags
Leatherman Rebar
Sale priceRM719.00
Leatherman Sidekick - OribagsLeatherman Sidekick - Oribags
Leatherman Sidekick
Sale priceRM649.00
Leatherman Super Tool 300 - OribagsLeatherman Super Tool 300 - Oribags
Save 10%
Gerber ArmBar Slim Drive - Onyx - Oribags.comGerber ArmBar Slim Drive - Onyx -
Gerber ArmBar Slim Drive - Onyx
Sale priceRM170.10 Regular priceRM189.00
Save 10%
Barebones Field Hatchet - Oribags.comBarebones Field Hatchet -
Barebones Field Hatchet
Sale priceRM305.10 Regular priceRM339.00
Save 10%
Gerber Pack Hatchet - Flat Sage - Oribags.comGerber Pack Hatchet - Flat Sage -
Gerber Pack Hatchet - Flat Sage
Sale priceRM206.10 Regular priceRM229.00
Save 10%
Gerber Paraframe I – Stainless / Fine Edge Pocket Folding Knife -

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