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ZAGG Crystal Palace Snap Case For IPhone 15 series - Clear

Size: iPhone 15
Sale priceRM129.00


Welcome to the world of style and strength, courtesy of the Crystal Palace Snap iPhone 15 case. This case is your device's elegant armor, and it's fully MagSafe compatible. Imagine a case that's as clear as day yet sturdy as a fortress. This lightweight marvel provides exceptional protection without adding bulk to your phone. We've subjected it to 13ft (4m) drop tests, and the result? Your phone remains unscathed, ready for whatever the day brings. So, what's the secret behind this exceptional durability? Graphene. This exceptional material has been integrated into the Crystal Palace Snap, fortifying it against the unexpected mishaps of life. But there's more to this story. The Crystal Palace Snap is also MagSafe compatible, ensuring seamless wireless charging. Convenience meets protection. And there's even better news. The Crystal Palace Snap boasts a slimmer design, ensuring a comfortable hold that aligns with your device's sleek aesthetics. Environmental consciousness comes into play too. Constructed using up to 74% recycled materials, this case not only safeguards your phone but also contributes to a sustainable planet. Worried about yellowing over time? Our anti-yellowing technology ensures the Crystal Palace Snap maintains its transparency, preserving its clarity over extended use. To add an extra layer of defense, the case features antimicrobial treatment, guarding against bacteria and microorganisms that can affect your device. In conclusion, the Crystal Palace Snap iPhone 15 case is more than just a protective accessory – it's a style statement fused with durability. Say hello to a new era of confident phone usage, where protection and aesthetics seamlessly merge.

13ft | 4m Drop Protection

Crystal Palace Snap has been tested and proven to protect your phone from drops up to 13 feet (4 meters).

Strengthened with Graphene

Crystal Palace Snap has been infused with Graphene, the strongest material on earth.

MagSafe Compatible

Crystal Palace Snap is compatible with MagSafe and charges with most wireless chargers.

Slimmer Design

The same protection you expect, but now even thinner for the most comfortable feeling in-hand.

Made with Recycled Materials

Crystal Palace is made with up to 74% post-consumer recycled materials.


Anti-yellowing properties ensure your case stays as transparent as the day you bought it.

Antimicrobial Treatment

Contains antimicrobial properties to protect the case against odor-causing bacteria and guard against degradation from microorganisms.

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