Wandrd X1 Crossbody Bag - Black

Size: Small
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These Crossbody Bags are a rad fusion of style and utility. Say goodbye to bulky bags and embrace the sleekness of our Crossbody Bags, perfect for on-the-go. We've armed these bags with more pockets than a kangaroo's pouch – seriously, you'll have a place for everything.

Like always, we've put our bags through the wringer to ensure they can handle anything life throws at you. Rain? No problemo! Our water-resistant fabric has got your back. The WANDRD Crossbody Bags are the embodiment of our brand vibes – radical, functional, and sexy. The Samwise to your Frodo.


Weather Resistant YKK zippers

Front Utility Pocket with Magnetic Closure

Rear Stuff Pocket with Magnetic Closure

Adjustable Carry Strap with Magnetic Buckle

Oversized Grab Handle

10mm Daisy Chain Connections

Cord Passthrough

Accordion Mesh Pocket Divider

Internal Organization Sleeves

Hidden Airtag Pocket



7.25" H X 4.5" W X 1.5" D (18.42cm X 11.43cm X 3.81cm)

Volume: 1L

Weight: 0.74 lbs (0.33kg)



8" H X 5" W X 2" D (20.32cm X 12.7cm X 5.08cm)

Volume: 1.3L

Weight: 0.82 lbs (0.37kg)



8" H X 6.5" W X 2" D (20.32cm X 16.51cm X 5.08cm)

Volume: 1.6L

Weight: 1.04 lbs (0.47kg)


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