Tomtoc Wander T26 Daily Sling Bag - Black

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Design Concept - tomtoc absorbs the rugged retro texture and durable practical characteristics from the pure tooling style of the 80s. With deliberately unconcealed sewing thread and a touch of blue color, it is designed to fit the unique and uninhibited attitude of the current urban culture. Walk through the city streets with life's adventurers, and each exploration is an addition to the journey of observing the world.

• Military Tooling Style Appearance

• Visible Durability

• Comfortable for Urban Explorations

• Large Space & Efficient Spatial Division

• Dimensions : 12.99" x 6.69" x 3.74" (330mm x 170mm x 95mm)

• Weight : 1.20lbs (547g)

• Capacity: 5.5L

Military Tooling Style Appearance

Skipping the design language of the traditional commuter bag, it connects the style of military tooling style with the sewing thread that is not deliberately hidden and is dotted with blue, broadening the boundary of personality.

Visible Durability

Tightly woven fabric of oxford cloth texture is quipped with durable wear and spill-resistant performance in the visible roughness.

Comfortable for Urban Explorations

The ergonomic shoulder strap ensures seamless navigation through city streets, providing unmatched comfort ever step of the way. Effortlessly switch shoulders using the detachable buckles, enhancing your carrying experience.

Large Space & Efficient Spatial Division

5.5L large capacity can accommodate iPad mini and mainstream game consoles, to meet the daily travel load demand freely. Detailed compartments set for the practical travel experience.


Dimensions : 12.99" x 6.69" x 3.74" (330mm x 170mm x 95mm)

Weight : 1.20lbs (547g)

Capacity: 5.5L


- iPad Mini

- Steam Deck



- Cover for manufacturing effect. Example: Zipper not function, straps broken (not human error), compartment broken, also entitle for warranty claim.

- Second year warranty follow steps provided and register at

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