NIID R1 Radiant Mega Sling - Perfect for Urban & Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Material: Scratch-proof
Color: Grey
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NIID's classic best-selling model R1 is a new evolution, retaining the streamlined "diagonal" appearance, bringing greater capacity and more convenient design.
The most critical design breakthrough of the "R1 MEGA Carrying Bag" is that in addition to meeting the needs of modern people in terms of capacity for carrying various items in various use situations, the original R1 must also retain the lightweight shape, be comfortable to carry, and have various storage categories. Organized, fast and efficient in picking up and receiving items.
R1 MEGA only adds about 1 to 2 inches and 0.2kg in weight, nearly doubling the capacity of the original R1 from 5L to a luxuriously large capacity of 9L!
In addition to the original R1's size adjustment through the "drawstring" at the bottom of the bag, "R1 MEGA" also has a zipper-type "expansion" function, which means that R1 MEGA will have one more size option than the original R1, which can be changed to three sizes of capacity

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