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MOFT Snap Invisible Phone Tripod (MOVAS)

Colors: Black
Sale priceRM169.00


Stackable with the Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet for on the go.

Snap. Unfold. Action. Quickest, Smallest, and the Most Versatile.

Capturing inspiration instantly has never been simpler. With a swift flip, this powerful tripod unfolds effortlessly, making it easy to pursue your creative passions.

Unseen, Unfelt, Unnoticed, One-piece Structure.

The patented triangular design structure unfolds from a flat card-sized object to a solid support base. Its unique design has been thoroughly tested and proven, ensuring stability at the center of gravity.

Super Height, Super Steady.

Raises phone cameras up to an impressive 8 inches in height. This makes it perfect for capturing moments while vlogging, attending video meetings, live streaming, or taking photos at events.

Magnetic Attachment, Easy Switching.

Horizontal and vertical switching is fast and flexible so you're free to define your best angle.

Full Adjustment, Flexible Angles.

Strong magnets and a hinge mechanism allow the origami design to unfold for an adjustable angle range across three versatile modes: Floating Mode, Vlogging Mode, and Stand Mode, that can be tailored to your needs.

Record Life

A selfie grip that's just a fold away. Whether for daily life or a spontaneous adventure, you're one step away to capturing the moment.

Endless Possibilities

Effortlessly tailor your angle in landscape or portrait mode to suit your preferences. Whether you're creating content or immersed in a video, your desired perspective is always at your fingertips.

Eco Materials

Made with MOVAS™-E Series vegan leather, it’s a balanced combination of softness, durability, and sustainability that is non-toxic and environment friendly.


Compatible Devices:

iPhone 12/13/14/15 and MagSafe cases;

Universal with other phone models including Android, non-MagSafe iPhone and non-silicone phone cases with an included MOFT Metal Ring.

[Note for the Metal Ring]:

It only works on phone cases made from PC, TPU, or aluminum metal. Compatible phone cases should have a straight, flat back and no protective coating.

(Not applicable to bare phones or phone cases made from silicone, leather, or wood.)


Three Modes with Adjustable Angles:

•Floating Mode

- Video Call Angle (forward tilt up to 10°)

- Showcase Angle (backward tilt)

- Theatre Angle

- Browsing Angle

- Macro Photography Angle

•Stand Mode

•Vlogging Mode


Tips on Using it with Other MagSafe Accessories:

Snap off the Tripod Stand to switch to other accessories, snap back on the Tripod Stand and stack on an accessory like our Snap Stand & Wallet to carry together effortlessly (For the wallet stacks on the tripod, check out the last gif on the main image section).


Dimensions: 3.8x2.5x0.27 in/96.5x63.5x6.9 mm

Weight: 2.9 oz/85 g

Material: MOVAS™ Vegan Leather, Magnets, Metal sheets, Fiber glass, PC

Specs of the Included Metal Ring

Thickness: 0.02 in/0.6 mm

Outside diameter: 2 in/55 mm

Inside diameter: 1.8 in/45 mm

Weight: 0.09 oz/2.5 g

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