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Familiar Yet Exceptional: The Bellroy Classic Backpack - Oribags

On this blog, we are going to be checking out the BELLROY Classic Backpack. A familiar looking backpack with a modern take and value packed features.

As most of you know, Bellroy is well-known for their amazing leather wallets and accessories but in the recent years they have come up with some pretty awesome bags as well.

You know all I can say about the design of this backpack is that “It is so Bellroy” – The designers at Bellroy have really maintained true to their brand DNA – keeping things simple, classic yet…functional as well. 

Precise Measurements

 Let’s start with some measurements

Bellroy Classic Backpack

The height of the bag is 49CM & its 37cm wide. And capacity of this bag is 17Litres which makes for a pretty decent daypack.;

Quality Material and Leather Accents

Bellroy Backpackv

The Material is made from good quality water resistant nylon. And being around bags so much, sometimes you can tell the quality of the material just by the touch of it alone and this really feels like its built to last. 

Let’s go over some detailing. Besides being made with great quality material, this bag also has leather trimmings accented all over the bag. At Bellroy, they only use environmentally friendly, vegetable tanned leather.

Comfort-Engineered for All-Day Use

Shoulder Straps are pretty standard. I think the width of the straps are a great size, good enough for carry comfort and perfect as a unisex bag. Naturally ladies have smaller shoulders should these straps are perfect.

The bag is also well padded for comfort but it doesn’t have any special features that highlight breathability. But regarding CARRY COMFORT, this bag is also engineered to support your back by contouring your body and “hugging” your back which is superb if you’re out and about all day with your bag.

Unique Compartment Choices

Bellroy Classic Backpack Zipper

Now the one thing I noticed about Bellroy’s bag designs is that they rarely have one of those large external zipper pockets right at the front. Some people like it but I do know a lot of traditionalist who make compartments a HUGE prerequisite when purchasing a bag. 

So in the absence of a large front zipper compartment, Bellroy has decided to give you a small barely noticeable one up here. Its so obscure that I almost forgot about it! 

Hidden Compartments and Thoughtful Details

The zipper looks like its lined with an aquaguard and it also has a leather tab. But its the mesh inside there that’s really nice. It’s so soft! I wish they made pyjamas out of it!!

But this compartment is really small and can most likely only fit 1 item. So either your sun glasses or your mobile phone.

A Message Inside

The design of the main compartment is well thought off. The zippers are somewhat hidden away like a protective, basic anti theft feature. Basic…but still, really good have. 

The zippers open semi clam-shell style so it doesn’t go all the way down. Honestly, with this design, I don’t think there’s a need for it. 

So the interior lining is grey and there is also a very thoughtful message sewn here from Bellroy and it reads…

“This bag is designed to move with you – through your worlds and the little moments-in-between. We hope you travel well together for years to come.

It’s just so wonderful that they can have copywriters to just come up with in bag messages.

Interior Pockets and Minimalist Organization

Bellroy Classic Backpack Malaysia

In the bag, there are two padded compartments…the laptop compartment holds up to a 15” laptop. The other compartment is for your iPad or an A5 notebook. And next to that, there is also a pen slot. 

There is also only ONE zipper compartment inside this bag for organisation. Some of you may pull your hair out at this but again, its a Bellroy design. Keeping things minimal so that you’ll only bring what you really need.

So this compartment also comes with that beautiful soft mesh and honestly you can still put in quite a few essentials in here like your charging cable, a small power bank and some other small stuff. 

If you have more stuff or electronics to bring around with you, I would recommend that you get a proper, padded electronics pouch for this bag. 

In the main compartment, you can easily fit in a jacket. This will also easily fit in a folder or a binder, some magazines. 

If you’re interested to get the Bellroy Classic Backpacks, check out all the available colours and the latest retail price at Oribags.

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