ZAGG Glass Premium Camera Lens For IPhone 15 Series - Black

Size: iPhone 15/15 Plus
Sale priceRM79.00


Meet the Premium Camera Lens Protector – the perfect companion for your lens. With 3X shatter and scratch protection, ClearPrint® technology, and anti-reflective treatment ensures clear shots and worry-free use. Enjoy edge-to-edge coverage, guarding every angle. Your lens will thank you for the maximum scratch prevention, and ClearPrint® will keep it looking flawless. Say goodbye to reflections and hello to professional-quality photos.

Shatter & Scratch protection

3X stronger than traditional screen protection

Seamless Edge-to-Edge coverage

Edge-to-edge coverage including protection over the notch means non a single bit of your device screen is exposed to impacts.

Maximum Scratch Prevention

Ion exchange technology increases surface compression for increased strength and scratch-resistance.

ClearPrint® Technology

This revolutionary, oil-dispersing treatment exclusive to Premium Camera Lens

disperses the oil from your fingerprints, making them nearly invisible.

Anti-reflective Technology

Contains anti-reflective treated layers that are designed to cancel out the reflected light while allowing transmitted light through to maximize clarity.

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