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ZAGG Glass Plus Edge Tempered Glass For IPhone 15 series - Clear

Size: iPhone 15
Sale priceRM89.00


Introducing Glass Plus Edge – the ultimate guardian for your device. With 3X shatter protection, it's like an invisible armor for your screen. Embrace full-screen coverage, keeping your device safe from edge to edge. Worried about scratches and smudges? Don't be. Our precision surface finish fights off scratches while the oil-resistant coating keeps fingerprints at bay. And yes, it feels as smooth as it looks, offering remarkable touch sensitivity. Applying it is a breeze with EZ Apply® tabs and anti-static technology. Experience the difference with Glass Plus Edge.

3X Shatter Protection

Glass Plus Edge is 3X more protective than an unprotected screen.

Full-screen Coverage

Maximized case-friendly coverage for full-screen protection.

Scratch Prevention

A precision surface finishing process provides maximum scratch resistance.

Smudge Resistant

A long-lasting, oil-resistant finish prevents fingerprints from accumulating and helps keep your screen looking pristine.

Smooth, Silky Feel

The premium composition of this smooth tempered glass has remarkable touch sensitivity and 100% clarity.

EZ Apply® Installation

EZ Apply® tabs and a drop-in installation tray make applying your Glass Edge simple and accurate.


The anti-static solution prevents dust from the air from being absorbed onto the adhesive side of the glass, ensuring a smoother installation process

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