ZAGG Elite Edge RPF 30 Vision Guard Tempered Glass For IPhone 14 series

Size: iPhone 14
Sale priceRM109.00


Edge-to-edge with Anti-microbial treatment and Blue Light Filtration

40% Blue Light Filtration

40% Blue Light Filtration at 435-440nm.


Anti-static solution makes the glass could avoid the dust from the air absorbs onto the adhesive side to make sure installation process much more smooth

Anti-Microbial Technology

Glass Elite contains anti-microbial properties that protect the screen protector by protecting against degradation from microorganisms.

Seamless Edge-to-Edge coverage

Edge-to-edge coverage including protection over the notch means non a single bit of your device screen is exposed to impacts.

Shatter & Scratch protection

5X stronger than traditional glass screen protection

Maximum Scratch Prevention

Ion exchange technology increases surface compression for increased strength and scratch-resistance.

Easy Application

EZ Apply®, a drop-in installation tray makes applying your Glass screen protector simple and accurate.

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