Wandrd Shoe Pouch

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Made using only the best materials - our Shoe Pouch is durable yet easy on the eyes. Designed with a center divider that separates and protects your shoes from each other, it was made to protect your other luggage from your shoes, so you don't get caught running around Paris with dog poop on your collar and smelling like feet. We've tried...it sucks.

Features Highlights

  • Unique Roll Top Design

  • Center Divider

  • Silky Smooth & Oh So Durable


Materials: 70D Nylon, Nylon Webbing, Plastic Hardward

Shoe Pouch

  • Dimensions: 45.7CM H X 25.4CM W X 17.8CM D

  • Volume: 3 L

  • Weight: 70 G


    Expand or compress the shoe pouch to perfectly fit your shoe sized 14 to doll shoes. What? you don't bring your doll shoes?


    So we heard the ground is pretty dirty, and we don't know if you know this or not but the bottom of your shoes touch the ground. We added a center divider into the Shoe Pouch, so the bottom of your left shoe doesn't scuff up the top of your right shoe. Yup, we know we're geniuses.

    Our 70D Nylon is silky smooth you're gonna say, damn, that's silky smooth." and then we're gonna pop out of your closet and say, "Told ya so." Wait, what? But for real, we used high-quality materials throughout, so your shoe pouch feels nice, looks nice, and will last a long time.

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