Prince PB-207 Jet Flame Lighter - Yellow

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  • Compact and refillable piezoelectricity ignition type torch to fit in your pocket easily. 
  • The forceful gushing flame enable to be used in blowing wind condition
  • 1300°C high temperature
  • The cap prevents accidental burning and windshield heat
  • In the 'LOCK' position, the flame will automatically be released even if it is put out; by just putting on the cap, the gas will be stopped
  • The torch can be used in an upright position with the included rubber stand 
  • Made in Japan

  • Soldering
  • Hardening metal
  • Melting or fusing plastic and rubber pieces
  • Joining or cutting ropes of synthetic materials
  • Outdoor camping
  • Emergency or repair tool 


Read and follow the operating instructions to familiarize the pocket torch before using. Review the instructions periodically to maintain awareness.


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