Oribags Heavy Mug 8kg ( Holds 300ml )

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So we made a 8KG mug as a prank to our team and someone suggested that we put it up for sale! Well then, here it is. If you’re looking for an insane way to keep fit while enjoying your favourite beverage? Then you need to check out the Oribags HEAVY MUG! (LOL! We really didn’t know what else to call it). 

Made from Stainless Steel, this 8kg mug is that dumbbell you need. Not only will it give you serious biceps, it’ll make a great show-stopping piece on your desktop. After all, at Oribags, we are all about helping you carry better…and apparently HEAVIER too!



Weight : 8kg

Material : Stainless Steel

Color : Silver

Water Capacity : 300ml

Packaging : Black Gift Box + Foam


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