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Dango Products M1 Chassis Clip

Color: Jet Black
Sale priceRM159.00


The M-Series Chassis Clip is an accessory to all Maverick Wallets, and best for single pocket variants. This accessory helps you to hold cash, more cards and allows you to clip your wallet to your pant pocket, belt or bag strap. In addition, a bottle opener is discreetly designed into the clip so that you will never be short of popping a beverage! Add this to your current M1 or M2 wallet for a fresh new look and added functionality.

To install it, line up the 4 holes on the clip to the holes on the backside of the M1 or M2 wallet chassis, and secure with the provided screws and "L" wrench. The Clip will clear the MT04 Multi-tool. The M-Series Chassis Clip will add about 6mm or .25in of thickness to your existing Maverick Wallet. 
Specifications & Features:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Holds up to 10 bills (folded in half)
  • Clips to belts and straps that are up to 3.8mm or .15in in thickness. 
  • Compatible with the MT04 Multi-tool
  • Compatible with all M-Series wallets (all variants - M1, M2, M1 Titanium etc.)
  • Includes mil-spec screws and a hex tool (.05")

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