Wandrd Essential Camera Cube

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Our multi-purpose Camera Cubes are quite possibly the best camera protection system known to the human race (we’re completely unbiased, of course). Both bomb proof and versatile, the Camera Cube gives you full customization so you can feel confident that your camera gear will be safe, no matter what you’re carrying. The Essential fits the PRVKE 21 and the Essential + fits the PRVKE 31 or HEXAD Access Duffel. Both can also be used as a standalone carry/storage solution, or thrown inside another bag (though why you’d want any bag besides a WANDRD bag is beyond us).

Features Highlights

  • Fits up to one camera body and 2-4 lenses

  • Can be used with WANDRD bags or by itself!

  • High Quality YKK Zippers

  • Protective and Customizable Foam Dividers

  • 3 Elastic Straps for Extra Security

  • D-ring Attachment Points

  • EVA Foam-filled Webbing Handle


Materials: 420D Robic Nylon with Weather Resistant Coating. YKK Zippers.

Essential (fits PRVKE 21)

  • External Dimensions: 27.9 X 11.4 X 24.1 CM

  • Internal Dimensions: 26.6 X 10.1 X 22.8 CM

  • Long Divider (x2): 29.21 X 1.3 X 10.1 CM

  • Short Divider (x3): 12.1 X 1.3 X 10.1 CM

  • Weight: 12.75oz (.36kg)

Essential + (fits PRVKE 31 and HEXAD Access)

  • External Dimensions: 31.7 X 12.7 X 27.9 CM

  • Internal Dimensions: 30.4 X 11.4 X 26.7 CM

  • Long Divider (x2): 32.4 X 1.3 X 10.1 CM

  • Short Divider (x3): 12.7 X 1.3 X 10.1 CM

  • Weight: 14.75oz (.42kg)

Essential Plus Deep (Fits FERNWEH and 41L PRVKE)

  • Exterior: 12"H x 11"W x 6.75"D (30.4cm x 27.9cm x 17.21cm)

  • Interior: 11.5"H x 10.5"W x 6.25"D (29.2cm x 26.7cm x 15.9cm)

  • Weight: 1 lbs 3.25 oz (0.55kg)


    The Essential Camera Cube was designed to fit and integrate with the PRVKE 21L backpack. It comes with 2 long dividers, 3 short dividers, and 3 Elastic Straps. This Camera cube is ideal for smaller camera setups or minimal mirrorless setups.


    The Essential+ Camera Cube was designed to fit and integrate with the PRVKE 31L backpack and the Access Duffel. It comes with 2 long dividers, 4 short dividers, and 3 Elastic Straps. This Camera cube is ideal for larger camera setups or DSLR setups.

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