Anak Malaysia Patch Collection (Embroidered Series) - Ikat Tepi

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Whether it’s Teh Ais or Kopi C Kosong, Malaysians are never short on creativity even when it comes to having your favorite local beverages on the go. No cup? Never mind…Ikat Tepi saje la. In case you are new to this, Ikat Tepi style are drinks (any of your favourites) served in a little plastic bag, tied on one side with a plastic string and with a plastic straw so you can “sambil jalan, sambal minum” (drink on the go).  This my friends is Malaysian tapao culture!

What is your favourite Ikat Tepi drink? 


Precision die-cut to 55mm x 30mm

1 Embroidered Velcro Patch

Designed in Malaysia

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