Oribags Dino Crew Patch Collection - Tropical Hipster Dino

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Meet Chilladon, the laid-back dinosaur lounging on a woven patch that captures the essence of holiday chill vibes! With a sun hat, a shirt adorned with calm leafy patterns and his favourite icy drink in hand, Chilladon is ready to take time off to relax. This patch is a whimsical nod and reminder that everyone needs to enjoy some downtime.

Add a little ROAR to your EDC with the Oribags Dino Crew Patch Collection! This series was inspired by our Founder’s young son’s love for dinosaurs. So we thought it would be a fun way to incorporate Everyday Characters and Everyday Carry to this iconic prehistoric animal!

Be sure you collect the entire DINO Crew!


Dimensions: 2.5 inch

1 Woven Velcro Patch

Designed in Malaysia

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