Catalyst is an innovative lifestyle accessories brand that creates iconic products to enable people to explore and share their world.

In 2010, after searching for a product that fit their needs but did not yet exist, co-founders Josh Wright (an award‐winning industrial designer who graduated from the Art Center College of Design) and June Lai (the research, development and business brain) designed and developed a line of high-performance everyday cases and accessories for their many outdoor and underwater adventures.

“Our needs are typically more extreme than the average person’s day-to-day. Josh and I were climbing partners and spent most of our time outside exploring the beaches, waterfalls, and jungles of Hong Kong. Our phones were the best way to capture our adventures but too fragile to bring out, especially at the moments that would make the most amazing photos. We knew there was a solution, and by combining our skill sets, we know we could find it. That’s where Catalyst was born.” - June Lai / Co-Founder / CEO

Catalyst has continued to design and invent unique products that have won numerous best-in-class awards from organizations around the world. As a first mover, Catalyst often introduces new categories that refresh the CE market. Catalyst designed and manufactured the first and to date, the only Waterproof Case for AirPods, carried by Apple in more than 500 stores worldwide as well as on

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