Taming Tech Clutter: A Deep Dive into Thule's Powershuttle Organizer

We’re almost at the end of 2023, and you just can’t denied how much technology has evolved through times. Honestly, it is just impossible to keep up with its evolving phase and that’s a fact. You can simply be aware of it by looking at things that you carry everyday. For example mobile phones. From wired phones, we’ve gone to wireless phones a.k.a mobile phones. Certain things would still need a wired connectivity though. So, if you want don’t want those cables to be wrangling here and there, we from Oribags got a suggestion for you on what equipment should you consider to get into in managing your cables the right way.

The Thule Powershuttle

Thule bags

Introducing one of our best selling cable organizer…the Thule Subterra Powershuttle. Let us start with the design first. As for the exterior, if you are familiar with Thule Subterra design and style, Powershuttle closely looks and feels just like that. It is made out of 800D Nylon same as the Subterra backpack. It also comes with 4 color variations which are black, dark shadow, mineral and ember which is great because some may prefer darker color like black and the other way around which wants a bit brighter color like ember.

Small to biggest

The Thule Powershuttle range comes in 3 different sizes ; The Mini, Medium, and Plus. Considering the kind of gear you have and how much you want to carry, this sizes might give you an idea on which one should you probably get. If you’re thinking on put in not only just cables but your headphones too, the biggest size of it or to be precise, Thule Powershuttle Plus will suits you in this situation.

What’s up with the interior

Thule Interior

Each of the Thule Powershuttle sizes equips with vary spaces and compartment as you can see in the pictures below. As we open the shell like opening, we can see that there’s enough room to accomodate your tech things be it your powerbank, usb cable, or even other thing like passport or pen.

Overall impression

If you’re looking for a durable and affordable tech pouch, Thule Powershuttle is perfect for you. It is easy to carry anywhere you want and if you’re not planning to bring it for travel, it can be a good cable management for in home use too if you intend to keep all the accessories after use. I guess that is all from us and don’t forget to visit our website for more awesome bags and other accessories. See you guys later, ciao!