Top Reasons Why You Need These Bags When You’re into Outdoor Activities

Bags are an important item that every thrill-seeking individual should always have. They are functional accessories that would allow you to carry all your essentials whether you are out for a casual hike, going camping, playing sports, and what not. It helps store your items, and keeps them safe from the elements. With each activity, there is a corresponding bag that would suit your needs. If you have plans for an outdoor escapade, check out these amazing outdoor bags that would suit your lifestyle.

For Hiking, Deuter ACT Trail 39 Hiking Backpack

Hiking Backpack

One of the best hiking brands today, Deuter is well-known for creating not only outdoor hiking bags, but also other accessories such as sleeping bags, climbing gear, hydration packs, and even travel accessories. The Deuter Aircontact (AC) hiking bag is one of the brand’s best and most-popular series which ranges from as much as 36Lworth of space (measured in volume) to as little as 22L. It is sleek, modern, with no added frills; just a functional and comfortable hiking backpack.

Why is it the Best?

  • The bag has load adjustment straps that would allow you to precisely position it according to your preferences.
  • With the brand’s signature 3D Mesh Lining on the strap, the bag would anatomically follow the shape of your shoulder.
  • The hiking bag is designed with Derlin® U-shaped frame that provides stability. Combined with the bag’s body-hugging fit, it creates a compact carry system that evenly distributes weight.
  • This Deuter ACT Trail hiking backpack has mesh hip fins for a compact fit but can also be stowed away.
  • It has a breathable hollow-chamber foam pads that allows weight to sit close to your back – closer to the center of gravity. It’s open-pore structure also helps pump air and results in 15% less prespiration than normal bags. 

For Water Sports, Hypergear Dry Bags

Hypergear Dry Bag

Whether for surfing, sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, or any water sports activity, you would need a bag that would protect your gear from the water. Hypergear creates an excellent array of bags and accessories that would suit your active lifestyle. Among these is the Hypergear Dry Bag that would cater to all your watersports needs.

Why is it the Best?

  • The bag is 100% waterproof with IPX6 resistance, enabling you to store your phone, laptop, or any type of water-sensitive items.
  • When dropped on the water, the bag safely floats above water.
  • The bag is durable, and can survive rough environments easily.
  • It’s easy to clean. With a simple swipe, you can get rid of water, dirt, and other impurities from the surface of the bag.
  • The bag is easy to carry with an adjustable strap and can be stored instantly by rolling or folding.

For Biking, Mission Workshop the Shed Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag

Designed from the US, Mission Workshop’s the Shed Messenger Bag creates some of the most exciting bags that can function either as your perfect bag for biking or for your everyday go-to. Regardless if you are a recreational or professional cyclist, having this bag could be a lifesaver for all your essential items. This sturdy weatherproof messenger bag has a combination of sleek cameo design and rugged performance fit for cyclers beginner or not.

Why is it the Best?

  • Features a roll top cargo compartment along with quick-access cargo pockets
  • Features a Arkiv® Closure system which is a coveted item among ‘carry-ologists’
  • Can be used in either the “roll top” mode, or in the traditional “flap down” configuration for cross-body stabilization, the bag has a removable strap.
  • Constructed using MultiCam-black Cordura & equipped with black-metal hardware throughout
  • Large zippered pocket fits most 15’’ laptops and any tablet. Larger laptops and devices easily fit in the main cargo compartment

Other Outdoor Activities, Raja Pack by Ethnotek

Backpack for Outdoor Activities

A brand specializing in outdoor bags, Ethnotek is one of the best brands that you can choose for your outdoor needs. Whether its hiking, camping, or a weekend of travelling, the Raja Pack by Ethnotek would surely get you going. The bag can store up to 46L worth of clothes, gadgets, and other essentials. It has great features and is specifically built for you, regardless if it is for your daily commuting, a weekend camping trip, or the occasional cross-continental journey of self-discovery.

Why is it the Best?

  • Features an embroidered fabric which takes one artisan over a month to embroider
  • Comes with interchangeable thread front panel
  • Right-side exterior slip pocket for maps and travel manuals. It also includes easy access pockets for passports, plane tickets, and cafe punch cards
  • Compression snap buckles attach threads and life’s accessories including yoga mats, tent poles, tripods and skateboards.
  • Giant waterproof roll-top with super-secure 38mm snap-buckle

For thrill-seeking individuals, having the perfect bag for your outdoor escapade is important. So, check out and their exceptional selection of outdoor bags that would suit your lifestyle.

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