Wenger Sporttop 800ml Drinking Bottle - Yellow

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Wenger Drinking Bottles set new standards in design, functionality, quality, safety and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Pure (Virgin) Aluminum Construction
Aluminum based water bottles are highly efficient in the recycling loop and transfer a minimal odor to the container’s contents as compared stainless steel and other commonly used materials.

Inner Coating - Swiss made and BPA-free interior finish
BPA-free (bisphenol A), Phthalate-free and FDA-certified.
Swiss made coating (by one of the leading coating manufacturers).
Highly elastic coating remains stable and does not fracture or chip even when dented.
Permanent coating provides excellent, long-term durability.

Triple lock benefits
The triple lock system is a quick triple thread that tightly seals the bottle with a mere half turn. The stopper is reliable and durable.
The sealing ring on all stoppers is easily removed and replaced. Each bottle comes with a free replacement sealing ring.
The sealing ring on the stopper consists of food-safe thermoplastic TPR and is hard enough to ensure the bottle remains leak-proof, yet durable enough to withstand resealing stress. The sealing ring should never be made of silicone, which has a tendency to secrete certain, somewhat harmful substances.

Wide mouth benefits (41 mm diameter)
Wide-mouth design accommodates ice cubes, pieces of fruits and powder mixes.
Easy to clean the bottle’s interior.
Ideal mouth size for drinking.

Recyclable Food Safe Dishwasher Safe Please Clean Regularly Not Freezer Safe