(Clearance) Tru Virtu Click & Slide Card Case - Silver Arrow

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The new TRU VIRTU® CLICK & SLIDE „One Touch“ convinces with its innovative and patented “CLICK & SLIDE” technology. It represents the most convenient and intuitive way of handling, already known from your smartphone, which allows the quickest access to your valuable cards ever. With only one touch of the thumb your cards slide out in staggered order. You can easily access your cards without opening your wallet and find the card you are looking for at a glance.



The technology of the new TRU VIRTU® „CLICK & SLIDE“ wallet, developed and patented in Germany, offers extremely fast access to the most important cards. With just one „click“, triggered by a slight pressure of the finger on the side integrated control knob, the cards are output in a staggered order - without any complicated leverage! 

By repositioning the control knob, similar to a smartphone, the handling has been optimized and an ergonomic „one-hand „operation has been created. 
The well-known TRU VIRTU® profile with the ribs and the use of high-quality materials leads to a higher stability and strength of the aluminum case. This novelty is exclusively manufactured in Germany.

„Designed and Made in Germany!“

TRU VIRTU® - Reduced to the Max!®