(Promo) Liquid KeyCaddy Matte Black (Brass Screws) Key Organizer

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Organize your keys in slim and stealthy caddy



The Key Caddy takes keychains to the next level with a compact, multi-function knife style design that gives you access to your keys with just a flick of the wrist.


    • Transform your keys into a fashion statement by upgrading from your tired old key ring
    • Accommodates (8) keys
    • Additional loop for key fobs and car keys
    • Easy assembly
    • Eliminates all key jingle for quiet entrance and exit
    • Compatible with  *USBs or bottle openers (sold separately)
    • Includes both black and gold screws
    • TSA approved - safe to bring through the airport
    • Built-in washers elevate your keys slightly to prevent scraping against the Key Caddy body
    • Includes washers to accommodate thicker keys
    • Keys must have a 4 mm plus hole diameter and be 2.76” in length or less