GERBER Bear Grylls Mini Compact Multi-Tool

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The Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi tool is a complete multi tool, small enough to accompany your keys. We all know how it feels: needing to open a package or tightening a screw, but not having a knife or tool around. At that moment it is great to own this Bear Grylls Compact Multi tool. Not much bigger than your average car key, but enhanced with a lot more functions.


This compact multi-tool doesn’t have one, but two knives! A fine edge blade and a serrated blade you can use for high-fibre materials such as rope and cardboard. You use the fine edge blade for all other tasks. Of course this multi tool, as you might expect, also comes with a pair of pliers with wire cutters. Because of its shape you will, as a result, get a fine and a regular pair of pliers, all wrapped up into one. In terms of screwdrivers this multi tool has been enhanced with a large and a small flat blade version, in addition to a Philips-head screwdriver. With tweezers to remove nasty splinters and a key ring to attach it to your set of keys. Last but not least, the multi-tool has been enhanced with a bottle opener. Cheers!


Like with all Bear Grylls products this compact multi tool comes with a small survival guide.


Features & functions

Finish blade matted
Type of edge plain edge, serrated
Tools screwdriver, tweezers, pliers, knife, bottle opener, wire cutter, keyring, small screwdriver, needlenose pliers, Philips driver
Pocket clip no
Lock slipjoint
Can be opened with one hand no
MOLLE-compatible no
Sharpening angle 20º
Number of tools 10



Material handle stainless
Type of steel Unknown stainless steel


Dimensions & weight

Weight 95 grams
Blade height 1.2 cm
Blade length 4.3 cm
Closed length 6.7 cm
Blade thickness 1.1 mm
Height 1.3 cm
Width 2.7 cm
total length opened 10.5 pick
total length opened 10.7 pick