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We are constantly thinking of ways to not only improve your pocket carry, but to also improve our products in a modular way. The Pocket Clip is one of those improvements that we are excited to introduce. 

The Pocket Clip is no ordinary clip. It is a unique and versatile accessory that will further ease your pocket carry - and here is the cool thing about it: The Pocket Clip is not only a stand-alone product. It is also a modular AND mobile accessory to all M-Series wallets. Designed with the Dango DNA of sleekness while combining 6061 CNC machined aluminum with formed stainless steel and mil-spec bolts, it is a product that you can truly appreciate!

Lets go over the Pocket Clip being a stand-alone product first: The features of the Pocket clip include a handful of functions: Of course, a pocket, belt or strap clip, a cash clip and a bottle opener. With it's generous key hole, It can either be used as a key-chain, or as an anchor to tether your most precious everyday carry!

Now here is the Pocket Clip being a companion to your M-series Bifold Wallet: While serving a great clip to tether your Dango Wallets to, the Pocket Clip can be easily be installed onto your M-Series Bifold wallet by simply sliding it through the fold of the bifold pocket. In this configuration, it serves as a great cash clip - and not just for a few bills - it can hold up to 10-12 bills, maybe more. In addition, having the Pocket Clip on your M-series Bifold Wallet gives it a whole new look while providing an awesome bottle opener!

We have been testing this product for a few months now, and it has been flawless. The Pocket Clip has truly enhanced the way we carry. See for yourself!

Specifications & Features:
  • Made in USA
  • Formed stainless steel clip
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum body
  • Mil-spec Stainless Steel Bolts
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Key hole for keys or tethers
  • Holds up to 12 bills
  • Clips to belts and straps that are up to 68mm or 2.7in wide and 3.8mm or .15in in thickness. 
  • Compatible with the MT04 Multi-tool
  • Compatible with all M-Series Bifold Wallets (all variants - M1, M2, M1 Titanium etc.)  


Check out Oribags YouTube Video and find out which Dango A10 Accessory (Pocket Clip) and wallet setup suits you best. DEMOs with Malaysian Ringgit and USD.






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