Cocoon TravelSheet Silk Sleeping Bag (220 x 90 cm) - Dark Olive Green

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Extremely light and roomy lightweight travel sleeping bag or inner sleeping bag for use in hotels, youth hostels, mountain huts and boats.


  • Side entry with Velcro
  • Slit pocket for pillows
  •  special reinforcements and double stitching



220 x 90 cm



160 g


Pack size


14.5 x 6.5 cm



Highest quality silk is a matter of course for us. The extremely light, handy silk travel sheets are very soft, skin-friendly and temperature-regulating: they cool in hot weather and warm in cold.



Hand or machine wash (gentle wash at 30 °) with mild mild detergent. Dry cleaning possible. Do not bleach or treat with stain. Wash separately. Hang up wet or spin slightly. Do not wring. 
* A Cocoon inner sleeping bag increases the heat output of a sleeping bag by the specified degrees Celsius. Deviations of +/- 1 degree Celsius are possible.


Added temperature
+5.3 °C
160 g
220 g
 Egyptian Cotton
260 g
+3.0 °C
290 g
305 g
 Thermolite Silkweight
+6.3 °C
195 g
 Dual Liner
355 g
 Thermolite Performer
340 g
 Thermolite Radiator
+9.0 °C
460 g
+2.9 °C
410 g
 Organic Cotton
460 g
 Cotton Flannel
530 g
 Merino Wool
600 g
 Microfleece Lightweight
+6.2 °C
 Microfleece Mediumweight
+8.0 °C
910 g



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