Casemate AirTag Clip Ring - Iridescent

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Clip it. Ping It. Find It. Secure and protect the things that mean the most to you. With the durable AirTag keychain case, you can rest assured that your AirTag is in place. The innovative design features a heavy duty keychain and snap enclosure that allows you to easily insert and remove your AirTag. The keychain also comes with an extra ring, so you can attach your AirTag to your keys, luggage, purses, and anything else you want to keep track of.

  • Compatible with AirTags

  • Secures easily to keys, luggage or purses 

  • Easily insert or remove your AirTag

  • Heavy-duty ring clip 

  • Durable outer shell securely holds your AirTag 

  • One Year Limited Warranty 

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