Caseman AP01-31 Inspector Backpack - Black

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The Caseman AP Series Camera Backpack Inspector - AP01-31 (Black) is the smallest size back pack able to hold 1 lager size DSLR like Canon EOS-1 Mark III with attached 160mm lens, a wide-angle lens, a 200mm f/2.8mm, and a flash unit, 2 memory cards, tripod, accessories, plus touch pad compartment fit up to 12".

Balanced Weight Distribution
Both side-entry to compartments give you instant convenient to quickly grab your equipment and accessories, even while you're on the go. Also comes in two adjustable straps to hold tripod on the top of the backpack to enjoy the best balance and weight distribution.

Durable; Bring It To Anywhere!
Bring it to anywhere! Be it a photo shoot in a thick jungle or at the shore of a beautiful ocean, this durable backpack can withstand it all! It prevents your equipment from getting wet, scratch or broken, thanks to its padded feature. Just point your camera and start shooting!

Compatibility Digital Camera
Compatible Brand Nikon, Canon
Bags style Backpack
Material Nylon
Color Black
Feature Waterproof