C-Secure RFIDSafe Slim Card Holder - Red

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How can you improve on a product that everyone owns and carries with them all the time? Over the past few years the way we pay for our purchases has changed dramatically. That means we no longer need to walk around with a pocket full of cash.

Not long ago we successfully developed the c-secure wallet: an aluminum credit card wallet that stops malicious parties reading the RFID chip on your cards. Thanks to our high-end leather cases, this product is not only secure, but stylish too.


However, customers frequently asked us if we could come up with a slimmer solution that offered the same elegant designer look as well as the same level of security.

We've now managed to develop such a wallet. It's even more compact than its metal counterpart, is made from the same Italian leather and is lined with a newly developed special fabric that offers the same level of protection against the malicious reading of RFID chips.


The wallet can hold 2 to 8 credit cards inside the special developed protective fabric. This fabric protects your cards just as effectively as our c-secure wallet.

An extra compartment has been provided outside the special fabric, which you can use for a public transport chip card, for example. That means you won’t have to remove it from your wallet at entry and exit points. This compartment can also hold a banknote for cash-only situations.


We believe this is the slimmest and most compact RFID-blocking wallet that can be produced without compromising on style and design. The wallets are made from high-quality Italian leather and are available in a range of different colors, which means you'll always find one that's just right for you. In the future we'll expand the range further by adding different types of leather, textures and prints.