Troika Bag Charm "Tempatation" - Rose Gold

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Simply beautiful. What do you carry today on your handbag? Metal and leather! This precious jewelry set is made of cast metal and hangs with its round snap hook decoratively on any handbag. The must-have for your handbag. Always in view: The big ring with a quote from the legendary Oscar Wilde: "I CAN RESIST ANYTHING BUT TEMPTATION". A real temptation for any handbag. The carabiner makes it easy to attach (it is especially gentle on your fingernails), including a stylish leather band and heart charm. 


Bag charm with two charms, heart, ring with the quote "I CAN RESIST ANYTHING BUT TEMPTATION", round carabiner, leather band, cast metal/leather, chrome plated, rose gold. 



Design: Anne Rieck
Measurement: 4 x 55 x 98mm
Weight: 32g
Advertisement: on metal plate

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