(Promo) TRAVELMALL Shiba Inu 3D Inflatable Neck Pillow with Patented 3D Pump

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  • Features

    • Unisex / Free size design - It's suitable for both children and adults
    • Includes a popular soft plush character design: Shiba Inu edition
    • The pillow inflates by pressing a 3D push-pump
    • Even your kids can do it as both the pumping and deflating is easy
    • The pillow has a smart deflating system which allows it to be collapsed and folded easily
    • Magnetic front clip ensures that the pillow does not fall down while your child is sleeping
    • You may also use the pump to adjust the hardness
    • The pouch is stitched with the Shiba Inu pattern on it


  • Specifications

    • Size: 27.5 x 26.5 x 13 mm
    • Weight:192 grams
    • Materials:  Cover (Polyester/cotton), Inner materials (TPU) 

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