GravaStar Premium Bluetooth Portable Speakers with Ultimate Sound - Pearl White

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Arms the audio

The Gravastar, a premium Bluetooth robot speaker with interchangeable equipment. The unique exterior structure design and excellent audio solution has been combined by Zoeao engineers, and they bring the imaginary robotic speakers come to the real world.


Full of features

Tiny Audio Bomb

More then your expected, By the newest 3118 chip of GSR, TI Digital Amplifier and 20W output power, small volume speaker give you the biggest energy.


it's not just a speaker

Gravastar's outer casing is replaceable, and can be turned into different colors by electroplating, painting, polishing, etc. In the future, different colors, materials, and shape components will be developed, and different functions will be presented through different parts.


The triangular support structure and the overall shock absorption design ensure the stability of the speaker, so that the sound playback quality and Bluetooth connection status can be stabilized at the maximum power playback.

Bass Diaphragm

Accurate calculation of the super bass diaphragm thickness and weight delivers clear rich and strong stereo sound for your computer, turn your desktop computer or laptop into the ultimate sound system.


TOUCHING volume control

Highly sensitive touch volume control makes volume adjustments simple and fun.

Interactive Experience

Gravastar is not a mechanical robot speaker, engineers hope the owner is more willing to interact with the Gravastar by designing the interactive control of the speakers.



The intensity of light and color will flash as the rhythm and volume of your music, it might feel like Gravastar had the same emotions with you at this moment.


Solo or Squad

Equipped with the TWS Bluetooth V5.0 technology, two Gravastar speakers could work together at the same time and enjoy true wireless surround sound without transmission delay. The broadcast audio system helps one Bluetooth source to stream audio to multiple speakers with virtually perfect synchronization.



Unique Audio System

High quality DAC conversion circuit
Powerful Kalimba DSP data processor
High quality audio transmission protocol
A2DP,AVRCP,remote control protocol

Bluetooth 5.0

20m suport long connection distance
Low Energy for Wireless Headphones, Dual Audio
More Speed, Distance, and Throughput

30 Hours battery Time

Longer than most of some size speaker


Vibration of the amplifier and light will compose different light and shadow effects

Seismic Design

counteract the resonance from the metal shell and externalities


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