(Clearance) Hellolulu Skylor Camera Hand Strap - Frog

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Multiple attachment system included: Fits a range of (D)SLR, Micro 4/3rd as well as compact cameras with eyelets of 1cm width
Made with durable Nylon webbing with leather trimming
Cleverly designed dual elastic strap to secure your lens cap; works with a range of cap size from 30-60mm
Leather-made slip pocket to keep all you happy moments (memory card) safe
Cleverly designed camera strap that will automatically tighten when it drops

Item no: 40001-03

Made with durable Nylon webbing with leather trimming

Adjustable length from 27-34cm
Attachment sling: approx. 1cm wide

Connector options:
Standard loop for (D)SLR or heavier cameras
Mini loop for Micro 4/3rd and compact cameras

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