(Clearance) C-Secure RFIDSafe Italian Leather Wallet - Bianco Ottico

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Protecting your cards. Beautifully designed.


Block unwanted readings
If your RFID cards, such as the Octopus card, ID cards or the latest generation of creditcards are not adequately protected, they can be detected and copied from a distance,without you noticing.

This can happen anytime, anywhere and by anyone who has a wireless cardreader, because the radio waves will easily cross any fabric or leather. The C-secure cardholder will protect your cards by effectively blocking these radio waves.


No more broken and bent cards
Leather absorbs chemicals from plastic cards, which makes the cards brittle and increases the risk of them breaking and cracking. This problem is avoided because the C-secure cardholder is made of aluminum. Protects Against Bending and Breaking When using standard-sized wallets in your backpocket, cards are often forced into a curved shape.

This, together with the chemical interaction with leather, can cause your cards to be completely damaged within a year. Because of the C-secure cardholder aluminum casing, this problem is solved forever.


A new type of wallet.
Nowadays most people carry more credit cards than cash. On any given day you might be lucky if you have enough cash in your wallet to pay for a large cup of coffee. credit cards are increasingly used these days, so it’s about time that there was a wallet designed to make credit cards the priority.

This unique C-Secure wallet includes a special compartment to hold and protect your credit cards. Up to 6 cards slot into place and with a click all of the cards slowly slide out. This means no more bent credit cards and no more loose cards falling out of place. Plus, the card holder protects your credit cards’ RFID chips from being read by outsiders. Perfect for keeping in your back pocket.


C-Secure Wallet
Protect your cards with the aluminium cardholder and store paper cards and paper money.

Leather C-Secure Wallet
Protect your cards against unwanted RFID readings.
Store and protect up to six plastic cards.
Store paper business cards.
Store paper money.
Available in over 20 colors.


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